Please invite your senior friends and neighbors to be a part of the Leisure Timers who meet the third Monday of each month.The first development of Highland Village began on the north side of Whitehall Pike in 1955, expanding to the south side in 1962. With this growth on the west side of Bloomington, there became a need for a second Methodist Church.

May 19, 1963 was the chosen date for the organization of the new church. Rev. Noel Spencer was the presiding minister, combining his pastoral duties with Cross Roads Methodist Church. A groundbreaking service was held on Sunday, December 8, 1963 and the first service was held in the new building on June 7, 1964. Saint Paul Methodist Church was the name given to the new church and ninety people became Charter Members. Over fifty years later, we still have some Charter Members, and St. Paul continues to thrive as a loving Christian community.

A groundbreaking was held on March 23, 1980 for a new sanctuary with services being held on September 7, 1980. With the continued growth, two services became necessary and worship services at 8:45 and 11:00 began in September 1983.

As St. Paul grew, a need for classrooms became crucial and plans formed for an addition to Brashaber Fellowship Hall. Groundbreaking for the addition of six classrooms was held on August 20, 1995. Classes began meeting in their new rooms on March 24, 1996.

In 2000, St. Paul became incorporated and an additional three acres to the west of the existing property were purchased for future expansion. The church parsonage and adjoining lot were sold in 2001, and nineteen feet of road frontage of St. Paul property was purchased by the State of Indiana for the widening of State Road 48.

In 2002, it was agreed that a more contemporary service was needed to accommodate the changing worship styles. A praise band was formed and the 8:45 service became St. Paul’s first contemporary worship service.The traditional worship service continued at the 11:00 service. More recently, the service times were switched with 8:45 am becoming our traditional service and 11:00 am our contemporary service.

The parking lot was expanded in 2003, and new lighting and landscaping were added. Faith Link, a contemporary Sunday evening service, began in 2004, meeting at MCL-Mayfields Ballroom on Liberty Drive. While we were able to reach people in a comfortable atmosphere and at a convenient time, the closing of MCL caused St. Paul to end Faith Link services in ????

Upward Soccer, a nationwide Christian sports program, began in August of 2006. Using the newly purchased three acres, over 100 boys and girls enjoyed a time of fellowship and sportsmanship. This outstanding program continues to provide local children with an opportunity to enjoy soccer in a Christ-centered environment.

A mission-oriented congregation, St. Paul members have participated in mission trips to Mountain Top, Tennessee; Calnali, Mexico; the Gulf Coast; and Fondwa, Haiti .

Faith Promise Mission has become a yearly project supporting between 8-10 agencies.  Additionally, Habitat for Humanity as well as local food banks are hands-on programs supported by St. Paul. These monthly mission projects support local, national, and international agencies.

Our youth continue to take yearly mission trips providing them an opportunity to serve those in need around the United States and Mexico. These mission trips are a highlight for our service-minded youth who relish the challenge of helping others while growing in their relationship with Christ.